Three Tips for Finding Apartments for Rent

Searching for a new place to live can be an arduous task. Maybe there aren’t a lot of listings in a desirable part of town. Or, there are a lot of listings in that area, but the price is too high. Finding apartments for rent that check all of the boxes usually takes time and patience. Here are three resources that can help even the most experienced renter find their next home.

Local Universities

When most people are looking for real estate rentals, they focus on the newspaper or online classified websites. While both of these are wonderful resources, they are resources that are available to every other person who is looking for a new place. Universities provide renters with great opportunities due to the ever-changing enrollment. Every summer, the vast majority of students go back to their homes, leaving empty houses, condos, and apartments for rent. In many cases, the end of school and the end of their lease does not coincide, leaving students desperate to find someone to take over the monthly payments. The other way that universities can be helpful to renters is that many colleges compile lists of available, off-campus housing. To make it onto the list, students must vouch for the landlord’s competence and trustworthiness. If the school receives complaints about a particular home or landlord, it is removed from the list. In essence, the school has compiled a pre-screened list of the best available units in the area.

Social Media

As mentioned above, most people who are looking for a new place to live, stick to searching the classifieds, in print or digital form. This limits the number of available properties to those whose owners have chosen to advertise. By using social media to broadcast their interest in apartments for rent, people can significantly broaden the scope of their search. An online acquaintance may be moving out of their place, and can put a potential renter in touch with their landlord. A family member might know somebody who is looking for a tenant but not advertising. Spreading the word to friends can only lead to a better chance of finding a great rental.


People who are in a particular line of work tend to know other people in the same profession. Doctors know other doctors. Bartenders buy other bartenders drinks. Professors read and critique other professors. The same is true of landlords. When a tenant is moving out of their rental, most owners would be happy to give him or her advice on places they may know. In many cases, a landlord might manage multiple properties. Along with tips on where to look, landlords can also provide the equally valuable advice on what properties to avoid. Just as with universities and social media, this is a resource that most renters never think to utilize, making the information landlords provide very valuable.

In short, the best way to find great apartments for rent is to utilize resources that are overlooked by other people.